Plan Ahead

We are proud to offer a prepayment option, Precompose, for our death care services.

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Why Precompose

Choosing Precompose supports our continuing mission and fosters peace of mind for yourself and the people in your life.

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Invest in Climate Action

The environmental impacts of conventional burial and cremation are profound. In the United States, cemeteries take up 1 million acres of land, and caskets use 4 million acres of forest every year. The fossil fuel necessary for one year of cremations in North America could drive a car halfway to the sun.

Recompose offers you a tangible and personal action in the fight against climate change. Human composting saves a metric ton of carbon dioxide per body when compared to conventional burial or cremation. That’s equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 1,102 pounds of coal, driving 2,481 miles, or over 40 cylinders of propane.


Leave with No Regrets

It is an understandable tendency to limit the amount of time you spend thinking about your death. But contrary to what mainstream culture tells us, devoting time to your death care choices can be an incredible gift to yourself and the people in your life. Thinking about your own death doesn’t make you morbid. In fact, it can be a source of joy, gratitude, and peace of mind.


How it Works

The Precompose plan includes the transformation of your body into soil, the opportunity to donate your soil to conservation efforts, and conscientious handling of your legal and logistical needs at the time of death.

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What is Included

The Precompose plan includes the transformation of your person’s body into soil and the opportunity to keep or donate that soil to our Bells Mountain conservation forest. It also includes a virtual laying-in facilitated by our staff, the filing of the death certificate, and full support throughout the death care journey.

Our price also includes transport from within King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. In addition to offering human composting to the Seattle area, transport from all other Washington counties is also available and is priced based on proximity to our location. We also welcome customers from outside of Washington State, though you will need to arrange for transport separately. You can read more about transport options in this article.

Additional Details

Document Your Wishes 

  • Recompose provides documents you will need to legally designate us as your funeral home of choice. You can find a full list of these forms and links to complete them here.
  • We provide education for how to complete these forms and how to communicate your wishes to your friends, family, and professional providers via our Resources section.

Notify Me When Precompose Reopens

Precompose is temporarily closed to new members while we make technical upgrades to our system. Sign up to be notified when Precompose reopens.


If you want to dig deeper before you purchase Precompose, see below for more information on the service, our trust, and our policies.


Precompose is temporarily closed to new members while we make technical upgrades to our system. If you would like to be  notified when Precompose reopens, please enter your email in the form above.
Our current temporary closure has no impact on existing Precompose members. Your monthly payments will continue to process as usual. If you’d like to make changes to your account, please call us at (206) 800-8733. We appreciate your business and will continue to support all member needs as usual.
If Recompose is not available at the time of your death, you or your designated agent will receive a 90% refund either at the time of death or at the time of Recompose’s closing. The remaining 10% is retained for operational costs.
At any time you can request and receive back 90% of the money you’ve paid to Precompose. Washington State law requires Recompose to hold 90% of the money from the purchase of prepaid funeral services in a trust fund. The remaining 10% is kept by Recompose for our operating costs.
Yes, you can join Precompose for your future human composting from anywhere. As of now, you will need to arrange and pay for transport of your body to the Recompose location south of Seattle separately. You can work with a funeral home in your area to arrange for transport if you choose. The cost varies by funeral home and region; for example, transport from California to Recompose starts at about $3,000. For a lower cost option, you can also ask your friends and family to transport your body themselves. You can read full details on transport options in our article on How to Arrange for Transport to Recompose. You will also be able to transfer your Precompose membership to future Recompose locations.


You can request PDF copies of your completed forms at
You can change information on any Precompose form by submitting a new version of the form. We will consider your most recent version of the form to be your most up-to-date information.


When you sign up for Precompose, we guarantee the cost of your Recompose services at the time of your purchase as long as you pay off that price prior to your death. For example, the current price of the Recompose service is $5,500. If you sign up now and pay the full $5,500 or continue to make payments consistently before your death, no additional balance will be due even if the price has since gone up. Full details are included in the Precompose terms and conditions. The Recompose price includes transport from within King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. We also offer transport to our location from counties within Washington State for the fees listed on our current General Price List (GPL). Please note that the prices for transport from outside this range will increase over time to accommodate for increasing labor and gas prices.
You have two options for changing your credit card information. You can call us at (206) 800-8733 and we will change it for you, or our system Zoho will send you a link to update your card once it has been declined. There is no fee for late payments due to card changes or any other payment changes. We are also working on a login portal where you can view or change payment information yourself.
If you choose the $5,500 one-time payment, we welcome your payment by check. You will have a chance to select this option during the purchase process. Please mail your check to: Recompose, PO Box 12121, Seattle, WA 98102.

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Land Acknowledgement

Recompose acknowledges we make our lives and livelihoods on the lands of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the Duwamish People past and present, the land itself, and the Duwamish Tribe.

Colonization is an active, persistent process. Indigenous communities continue to be resilient in protecting their ecological and cultural lifeways and deathways despite ongoing oppression. Recompose respects, shares, and supports this commitment to climate healing and environmental justice. Join Recompose in contributing to Real Rent Duwamish.