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1/3: Land Partners use soil donated from Recompose clients in projects that benefit the land they steward.
two human composting soil packages a large paper bag and a small container
2/3: Recompose offers two packaging options: a double-walled paper bag that holds about 12 gallons of soil and a specialty container that holds 5 cups of soil. Soil packaged in paper bags is included in the price of human composting while specialty containers are available for purchase.
paper bags of human composting soil in the back of a car
3/3: Soil is packaged in durable paper bags and ready for pick up in Seattle

How to Consider Your Soil Options

Information to help you choose how much soil to keep or donate

Recompose was born from research on the soil cycle. The biological process mimics the earth’s natural cycles and is similar to what occurs on the forest floor as organic material decomposes and becomes topsoil. Soil created by the Recompose process can go on to nurture growth on the same forest floor that inspired its creation.

About the Soil

The amount of soil for each person varies. Typically about a cubic yard of soil is produced that weighs between 500 to 1,000 pounds. Soil tests indicate compost created by the Recompose process is appropriate for established shrubs, trees, house plants, and flower gardens. We advise against using the compost on tender annuals and vegetable gardens.

The soil resembles and smells like the fine mulch you can get at a nursery. We recommend returning the soil to nature shortly after receiving it. Learn more about the soil composition.

Soil Options

Recompose clients choose how much soil to keep or donate to conservation efforts.

Soil options included in the Recompose $7,000 price for human composting:

  • Soil packaged in durable paper bags for pickup from Recompose Seattle
  • Soil donated to conservation efforts through the Recompose Land Program
  • A combination of both

Additional services available for purchase:

  • Soil shipment or delivery
  • Specialty containers of soil

Below is more information to help you think through your options.

Donating the Soil

Through the Recompose Land Program, you have the opportunity to donate soil to help restore and revitalize land stewarded by nonprofit conservation organizations. Our Land Partners protect and regenerate ecosystems through conservation, rewilding, and other restoration practices.

Keeping the Soil

Recompose will package the soil for pickup or delivery in durable, double-walled paper bags that hold about 12 gallons of soil each. The amount varies but typically a person produces between 20 to 30 bags of soil. These sealed, labeled bags are about the size of the compost or potting soil bags you find at a garden store.

Our Services team will work with you to coordinate soil pick up in Seattle or shipment if you are out of the area. Note: we cannot ship soil outside of the United States.

Recompose offers specialty containers for purchase packaged with approximately 5 cups of soil. These biodegradable, compostable containers can be used for travel, sharing with friends and family, or for use in homes with little access to land or gardens. See our General Price List for more information.

Scattering Soil

Though regulations vary by state, in Washington the law requires the permission of the landowner before scattering this type of soil, but otherwise, there are no restrictions. You may scatter in public navigable waterways in Washington State, such as Puget Sound, without obtaining any special permission. Some Recompose community members have told us they will ask their friends and family to scatter soil on a favorite hiking trail or in a beloved park.

“We brought the soil home and invited those who loved him to take a bucket to put under their own Japanese maples or in some other special place in their garden. I still talk with him every time I am weeding underneath my own Japanese maples. I love thinking of him spread under the roots of so many trees all across this country.”

—Recompose client

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