1/4: By donating your soil to the Bells Mountain forest, you are making conservation possible. 
2/4: The soil donated by the Recompose community nourishes the forest and helps it recover from pesticide use and soil erosion. 
3/4: The Bells Mountain forest is home to hundreds of local plants and animals, including threatened and endangered species. 
Soil box
4/4: When you donate your soil, Recompose also sends a 64-ounce box to the person of your choice. Additional boxes are available for purchase. 

How to Consider Your Soil Options

Donating soil and designating recipients

Recompose was born from research on the soil cycle. Soil created by the Recompose process can go on to nurture growth on the same forest floor that inspired its creation, allowing a true return to the earth.

Becoming Part of the Forest

Included in your Precompose plan is the donation of your soil to the Bells Mountain conservation forest. This verdant landscape features towering pines, flowering meadows, clear mountain ponds, and sweeping views of Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens. The forest is a legally protected natural wilderness and will remain so in perpetuity. The stewards of Bells Mountain use the soil donated by the Recompose community to revitalize wetlands, riparian habitats, local plants, and vulnerable wildlife species.

The Recompose process creates an entire cubic yard of soil per person. This large volume is part of the reason why Recompose is excited to make the conservation trust option available. We strongly encourage you to consider soil donation to Bells Mountain, but the final choice is yours.

Soil for the People in Your Life

Also included in your Precompose plan is the option to ship a 64-ounce (equal to 8 cups) container of your soil to the person of your choosing (up to $40 in shipping cost). This specially-made container is compostable, biodegradable, and designed to hold your soil with care and respect until this person is ready to scatter or distribute it. We recommend scattering the soil soon after receipt.

You can also choose for additional recipients to receive containers of soil for an additional cost of $25 per container if picked up at our facility south of Seattle. Friends and family can also arrange to pick up small volumes of soil in their own containers upon request.

Shipping and handling for additional soil containers is $75 each within the United States as listed in our General Price List. Please note soil cannot be shipped to some U.S. addresses or internationally. You may want to research whether the address can receive the delivery before naming your soil recipient. If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].

The person you choose to receive your soil can use it in the natural environment as a tribute, rather like you might scatter cremated remains. Though regulations vary, in Washington State, the law requires the permission of the landowner before scattering this type of soil, but otherwise, there are no restrictions. You can also scatter in public navigable waterways in Washington State, such as Puget Sound, without obtaining any special permission. Some Recompose community members have told us they will ask their friends and family to scatter soil on a favorite hiking trail or in a beloved park.

You can designate who will receive soil containers and how you wish for them to handle the soil on your Disposition Authorization.

Greater Volumes

The Recompose process creates one cubic yard of soil per body. It may not sound like a lot, but a one cubic yard of soil can weigh several hundred pounds and fills a pickup truck bed. Upon request, you may designate someone to pick up your entire cubic yard of soil at your estate’s expense. We do not recommend this option unless this person will have access a large amount of land that has an existing soil management plan in place. Please note the full cubic yard of soil cannot be shipped and must be picked up with a truck or trailer from our location in Kent, Washington.

Before designating this choice, consider the following questions:

  1. Do you have land on which you can use several hundred pounds of soil amendment?
  2. Does the land you have in mind have a plan for how to integrate this topsoil material into the environment in a way that is supportive for the trees and plants?
  3. Recompose staff will notify your agent when the soil is ready to be picked up. Does your agent have a vehicle such as a truck or trailer with which to transport this volume of soil?
  4. Does your agent have a place to store this soil before it can be integrated into the land?

If you select this option and your agent cannot execute your wishes upon your death, they may choose to donate the soil instead at that time. You can designate this option on your Disposition Authorization.

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