Dr. Steve Anthony David

May 19, 1963 - March 20, 2024

Dr. Steve Anthony David graced this world with his presence on May 19, 1963, on the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. On March 20, 2024, at the age of 60, he embarked on his eternal rest alongside his Heavenly Father.

A former life support specialist in the US Air Force, Dr. David transitioned his career to one where he can demonstrate his passion for people. A light in the field of physical therapy, Dr. David dedicated his career to the service of others as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at St. Paul and Biddle Medical Associates in Baltimore, MD. His commitment to his clients was unwavering, as he poured boundless care into restoring their physical well-being, showcasing the depth of his compassionate nature.

Steve exemplified devotion in every aspect of his life, whether as a husband, father, grandfather, or friend. His love for his wife, Nisha, was a beacon of admiration, as he ensured she felt safe, cared for, protected, and deeply loved each passing day. Steve’s affection for Nisha was evident to all, as he spoke of her with unwavering adoration and made it known to everyone he encountered that she held his heart.

As a son, Steve was unparalleled in his care for his mother, Yvonne, ensuring her well-being in every possible way. Their shared moments, from watching Raven games together on Sundays to daily lunchtime phone calls, brought him immeasurable joy, as he found fulfillment in ensuring his mother’s happiness.

Steve’s love for his sons, Tivon, Terrance, and Turrel, was a testament to his unwavering devotion as a father. Their inseparable bond was a joy to witness, and Steve took pride in guiding them into remarkable men, fulfilling his role as a devoted father with excellence.

His adoration extended to his cherished grandchildren, Qaidence, Qordae, and Qairo, whom he affectionately referred to as his “Pop-Pop,” showering them with immense love and joy. Through his profound love and commitment to his family, Steve’s legacy of devotion and affection will endure for generations to come.

In the face of adversity, Steve’s remarkable spirit shone brightly. Upon learning of his Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer in 2021, he approached the end of his earthly journey with grace and foresight. With a deep concern for the environment, Steve rejected conventional burial or cremation, opting instead for the eco-conscious choice of human composting. His decision reflected his enduring commitment to nurturing life, even beyond his own.

On April 3, 2024, accompanied by his beloved wife Nisha and youngest son Turrel, Steve commenced his final journey to Recompose in Seattle, Washington, embracing his transition to human compost with profound dignity. In the cycle of nature, he will persist, his essence intertwined with the plants, flowers, and trees that flourish in homes, gardens, and conservation lands across the country.

Dr. David is survived by his devoted wife, Nisha McNair-David; his mother, Yvonne David; his stepfather, Robert, his sons, Tivon, Terrance, and Turrel David; his daughter-in-law, Brittany David; his cherished grandchildren, Qaidence, Qordae, and Qairo David; stepdaughters Alexis, Savannah, and Paris, step grandson Carter, and a multitude of relatives and friends. He is preceded in death by his father, Arnim Inniss, leaving behind a legacy of love and compassion that will endure through the ages.

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