Adam Walker

Adam Clay Walker, 45, of Iola, Texas passed away on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. He was a beloved husband, a devoted father, and family member, a trusted friend, and a respected member of his community.

Adam was born in Houston, Texas on February 23rd, 1976. He completed Sealy High School and went on to Trade School; where he began a lifelong career in the Electrical Construction Industry. At the time of his death, Adam was employed by Power Design of St Petersburg, Florida, a company that he enjoyed working for & that treated him with dignity & respect.

He was a Rifleman and a pretty good shot. From a very young age, Adam loved the outdoors and nature. He looked forward to frequent campouts, which included hunting, cooking, fishing and spending time with his Dad and Uncle Rodger. Adam had many adventures of jeep rides with Uncle Rodger in “Old Brown”. Outside of his family, Adam looked up to his hero John Wayne. Both shared a love for sunsets, and were kind and friendly to all.

On June 21, 2008, Adam married the love of his life, Shawna Thurman, and together they had three children, Joseph (22), Jillian (9), and Jeremiah (8). Adam continued the tradition of adventures in “Old Brown” with his children making many fond memories that will live on in their hearts forever. Adam spent time watching “Bonanza” and other wholesome cowboy shows with Jillian. To Joseph, Adam was an ideal Father always ready to lend an ear or share a skill. Jeremiah could always depend on Adam to go fishing after work, or do some baseball pitches or practice his shot. He was an active and engaged father who put relationships first.

Adam was a great listener and a reliable confidant to all who knew him. He was a meek, gentle, and approachable man. He was a strong, sensitive, pure hearted, man guided by duty and responsibility. Devoted to his faith; speaking with God at sunrise and thanking God for each day at Sunset. That was the rhythm of his life. Adam had an abiding contentment that radiated peace. Adam was dedicated to his family and a steadfast provider. He was a patient, kind, and honest man. He was dependable and selfless. He was a steady anchor in the roaring sea of life.

Adam was survived by his wife, Shawna Walker; sons, Joseph and Jeremiah Walker; daughter, Jillian Walker; parents, Linda and Jake Jacobs; brother, Jason Lively; sister, Linda Kay Lively; grandmother, Hallie Grace Gause; uncles, Stephen A. Walker and Donald S. Gause; aunts, Judy C. Walker and Morla Walker Dittfurth; cousins, Nikki Walker Talley, Wesley A. Walker; and many other beloved family members, including cousins, nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his father, Michael Walker; grandfathers, Mickey R. Walker and Donald F. Gause; grandmother, Flora A. Walker; uncles, Roger A. Walker and Randel Gause; and his Aunt Monica Gause.

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