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How to Fill Out Your Vital Statistics

Personal information required for a death certificate 

In addition to your Disposition Authorization, Designated Agent for Funeral Arrangements, and Transport Form, completing your Vital Statistics now makes things easier on your friends and family in the future.

At the time of your death, our staff will use your Vital Statistics information to complete a death certificate. A death certificate is a legal document required by the government. It can only be filed directly by a licensed funeral home, such as Recompose. Your estate, executor, and/or heirs may need your death certificate for legal purposes like closing accounts, transferring property, or obtaining access to a life insurance policy. Recompose does not supply certified copies of death certificates, but once we’ve filed one for you, we can help your agent or executor order copies themselves.

The information on the death certificate is also used by government agencies to compile statistics like the leading causes of death in a community. If you die outside of Washington State, Recompose staff will share your Vital Statistics with a funeral home in that state so they can file the death certificate and issue transport paperwork to bring you to Recompose.

Information You’ll Need

The Vital Statistics form includes information about you (the Precompose recipient), including your name, date of birth, birthplace, education, race/ethnicity, marital status, and whether you served in the armed forces. It also includes information about your family like the names of your parents, including birth names. It may take you some time or research to compile this information, so you may want to review the require items first, then come back later to submit your final version.

If you need to change your Vital Statistics information, such as a change in address or marital status, you can email us or click the link above to submit a new version. Near or at the time of death, Recompose staff will review the Vital Statistics with you or your agent to confirm the information is correct in preparation for filing the death certificate. If you have questions about your Vital Statistics, you can reach us at or (206) 800-TREE.

Once you’ve completed your Vital Statistics along with your Disposition Authorization, Designated Agent for Funeral Arrangements, and Transport Form, you have completed all the documents you need in order to properly document your Precompose wishes. You can see a complete list of Precompose forms and articles here. Congratulations, and thank you for being part of the Recompose community!

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