katrina spade in front of human composting vessels in recompose seattle
Mar 2023

Recompose opens $5M Community Raise, celebrates expansion of human composting

Funds will support the operations and expansion of the first funeral home to specialize in human composting

Seattle, Washington (March, 2023) – Recompose, a full-service funeral home specializing in human composting, has opened a Regulation Crowdfunding round to raise $5M from values-aligned investors. The company is also celebrating the passage of A382 in New York State, which legalizes the natural organic reduction process invented by Recompose founder and CEO Katrina Spade. New York has become the sixth state to legalize this green funeral option.

“There is worldwide interest in greening the end-of-life and Recompose is proud to be leading the movement,” said Katrina Spade, founder and CEO. “We’ve served over 250 families by transforming their person into soil. We have over 1300 Precompose members who have chosen Recompose for their future death care. The legalization of human composting in six states, including New York and California, speaks to the real momentum that’s happening across the country.”

Recompose closed a $6.75M Series A-2 funding round in September 2020 and a $10M Series A-3 funding round in December 2022. The funding allowed the company to open and operate its first facility in Kent, Washington and offer the service of human composting. Recompose then opened a full-service funeral home specializing in human composting in Seattle, Washington. The company plans to expand to new markets by opening and operating more green funeral homes and by licensing its proprietary technology to partners.

Recompose’s new Regulation Crowdfunding round is open to all investors at a $1,000 minimum. “Recompose and the human composting movement exist thanks to enthusiasm and commitment of our broad community,” said Spade. “We have always planned to offer the opportunity to invest in our company at a low minimum, and we’re thrilled that the moment has arrived.”

Funding from the Community Round will support the development, operations, and expansion of Recompose. The raise is happening through the Wefunder platform. Like Recompose, Wefunder is a public benefit corporation.

“Recompose believes that our end-of-life choices can have incredible impact on the environment and on our emotional health,” said Spade. “Our team is dedicated to intentionally building and expanding this ecological death care option so that someday, every human death can help heal the natural ecosystem.”

Learn more about investing in Recompose at  wefunder.com/recompose

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Recompose is a licensed, full-service, green funeral home in Seattle offering human composting. As the first human composting company in the world, we are a trusted leader in ecological death care. We are Seattle’s only human composting provider and serve clients across the U.S.

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