Patricia Ann Lautenschlager

1957 – 2021

Patricia Ann Lautenschlager passed on the morning of March 14, 2021. Always energetic and on the move, she was spotted in a rainbow later in the day, near sunset.

A lover of nature, she will undergo natural reduction this spring to return to the earth and be placed in her garden this summer. In her words, “it takes about a month to turn me into beautiful soil.”

She will be deeply missed and her memory held close. Her essence, in the words of others who loved her:

“… her sense of adventure, daring and fun…”

“…incredible spirit of love, limitless, timeless, transformational…”

“…I could go on…her beauty, flair, laugh, smile, humor, caring, sensitivity, bravery, courage, sharing…”

“…hearing her talk about her children, the absolute love, respect and honoring of the individuality of each child!”

“…the garden is such a fitting place. She cultivated many gardens and many young people…”

Pat was born in 1957 in Rockford, Il. She attended the University of Arizona for undergraduate and the University of Puget Sound for her master’s degree. She loved education and was a gifted teacher, teaching for over 30 years in Rockford, IL, Urbana, IL, Tacoma, WA and overseas.

She loved to travel and learn. In her teaching she inspired both collaboration and individual inquiry. A curious learner first and an educator second she was illuminating and passionate, celebrating the unique qualities of others “…she always loved me for who I am…”  As a parent and teacher she encouraged intellect and social commitment. She challenged her students and those around her to achieve their full potential and share with others for the greater good “…she talked often of leaving the world a better place than you found it…” She embodied love and compassion and remains an inspiration to family, friends and her many students.

She will be deeply missed but the family takes solace in her memory and the sense that her spirit lives on. She joins her father Robert Lautenschlager in transcendence. She is survived by her husband, Charlie Solverson, her children, Stephan Tyler Robert Solverson, Rebecca Ann Solverson (Sean Alexander), Charles Isaac Peter Solverson, her grandchildren Sol Robert Alexander and Chili Jo Ann Alexander; her mother Shirley Morris Lautenschlager; siblings Robert Mark Lautenschlager, Ruth Elizabeth Thatcher (Rod Thatcher), and Rebecca Jane Lautenschlager (Brian Etling).

In celebration of Pat a candle lighting will take place on April 22, 2021 at 2 pm PST. For those close to her, please take a moment to join and reflect on the good fortune to have had her in our lives.

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