gregory fischer

Gregory Fischer

July 25, 1970 - May 26, 2022

Gregory Fischer made his last dad joke and clever pun on May 26, 2022.

Greg was born to Dennis and Shirley (Adkins) Fischer on July 25, 1970 in Portland, Oregon, where he was raised. He immediately became his mom’s favorite – because he was the only child for the first 3.5 years. He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona ten years ago and took his satchel, sandals, and plaid with him… saying farewell to cloudy days – both figuratively and literally.

Greg went by many names, but “not Craig”. His friends and classmates called him Fisch. His nephews and niece affectionally called him Ga-Ga-Ga because “Uncle Greg” was difficult in toddler speak. In his twenties, he may also have been known as Crash – after keeping the auto insurance industry busy.

Greg was a minimalist, so money didn’t have the same value as it does to some. He also didn’t have the drive to accumulate excessive material things. He worked at various places in his life – because he was told “you should have a job”, but he never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up — because he never did.

For the last few years, he was a beloved manager of Support Engineers with Concentrix, and always baffled why money was deposited in his account every two weeks – because he had so much fun he would’ve done it for free.

Greg was a walking IMBD, and knew who “that guy in that one movie” was. Proud pastafarian, and ordained Dude in The Church of the Latter-Day Dude.

His hobbies included making inappropriate 3D printed figurines, anything techy, headbanging guitars, crashing cars, and helpdesk tech support to friends and family.

He is survived by his partner of 8 years, Courtney Vick, who calls him her best Craigslist Freebie, and his dog Buddy – with a larger social media following than most humans.

No children…. that he was aware of, aside from his pseudo children – nephews David (wife Diamond and daughter Olivia) Fischer, Dennis Fischer, and niece Danielle Fischer (fiancé Jacob McCarty).

Also surviving are his “Big, Little Brother” Tony Fischer, (Greg was Little, Big Brother), the parental units Shirley and Dennis Fischer. Aunt Barb Fischer, and numerous cousins, and extended family.

Preceded in parting by his aunt Sara (Adkins) Kong, his beloved cat Spique, grandparents Otto and Dorothy Fischer, and Vera and Virgil Adkins.

In keeping with his Pacific Northwest sustainable philosophies, Greg will be composted and live on forever – nourishing his beloved Oregon. If you’d like to take a piece of Greg home with you, BYOB (bring your own bucket); shovels will be available at his brother’s house – He’ll be ready in time for fall planting.

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