Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto

Todd Maxfield‑Matsumoto

NOR Manager

Todd (he/him) leads the daily operations at the Recompose Greenhouse, including staffing, compliance, and operations planning. He has a strong background in death care as well as machine fabrication and team management.

Todd is a licensed funeral director in Washington. Prior to Recompose, he was a bookstore manager for nearly 20 years before exploring a career in death care where he worked with all manners of funeral rituals and final dispositions. Finding new, relevant ways to offer meaningful, sustainable options for families led him to Recompose.

While earning a B.A. in English from Grand View University and attending the Masters creative writing program at Iowa State University, Todd also worked as a touring and recording musician, founding Slunk Records and Publishing.

Todd loves spending time with his family including performing in a band together, The Rowdy 3.  They enjoy their three dogs and building droids as members of the R2Builders Club.