Caitlin Zellers

Caitlin Zellers

Services Specialist

Caitlin (she/her) provides at-need death care and client service for Recompose. She is focused on helping families learn and communicate as they facilitate their own healthy grief process.

Caitlin was born and raised in Texas, where she learned a deep respect for the forces of nature and found her life-long love of grackles and raccoons – often overlooked but important little scavengers. She began her career in death care in central Texas as a certified funeral director and embalmer, as well as a crematory operator. Though she loved the work and the families she was able to serve, she followed her calling to the PNW, and to a more natural and gentle way of death.

Prior to her work at Recompose, Caitlin was a funeral director and embalmer for The Gabriels Funeral Chapel in Georgetown, Texas. She was honored to help create a green burial program for the Gabriels in her time there, and is dedicated in her belief that access to natural burial and processes like NOR should be available to all who are interested, no matter where or what circumstances they find themselves in.

Caitlin is also a published comic book artist and illustrator, and when she is not working in death care she is creating comics to further death education and awareness. She has a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Texas and loves painting and printmaking. She also enjoys knitting and yarn dyeing, and most evenings is found happily curled around her wife watching the West Wing with their troublemaker cats.