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Services Specialist/Licensed Funeral Director

Recompose is seeking to add another licensed funeral director to our growing team.

Death – though heart-wrenching – can be beautiful. Its rituals can be meaningful, and disposition of the body can be gentle and natural.

Recompose is an ecological death care company based in Seattle and Kent, Washington. When we opened in December 2020, Recompose became the first organization in the world to offer regular NOR services (“natural organic reduction”), where human bodies are converted into soil. We are building the Recompose model to offer an authentic, participatory experience for families and a natural return to the earth for the dead.

Recompose is seeking to add another licensed funeral director to our growing team. This “Services Specialist” will be an empathetic main contact with our clients and help create the Recompose experience. This person will champion our clients’ wishes and act as the lead point of communication with chosen family members and friends. The Services Specialist reports to our Services Manager, herself a licensed funeral director.

Responsibilities will include managing the transportation, storage, and care of bodies that come to Recompose, as well as filing death certificates and other licensed funeral director duties. The Services Specialist will also facilitate opportunities for ritual and ceremony with chosen friends and family members including online/virtual events, home funerals, and events in nontraditional or outdoor environments. The Services Specialist must be willing to perform celebrant/emcee activities, but if they don’t have experience doing so, we are willing to train them.

This role is an opportunity to help us create deep ecological change within the industry. The Services Specialist will help us build an intentional culture of hospitality and inclusion that we will maintain as we grow. This person should be passionate about helping Recompose create a radical new death care paradigm and about helping to heal the environment through this work.


Create a comforting, inspiring experience for clients and their chosen friends and family:

  • Guide both pre-need and at-need clients through the process of choosing Recompose for themselves or others by phone, email, or screen, or when the pandemic is over, in person.
  • Offer information, counsel, and comfort to bereaved family members and friends.
  • Suggest opportunities for creating ritual and ceremony around end-of-life.
  • Plan, schedule, and assist with memorial services at Recompose’s locations, online, or elsewhere.
  • With other Recompose team members, maintain client database with an emphasis on those items required for death certificates and for planning meaningful ceremonies.
  • Continually look for opportunities to improve the client experience.

Manage the respectful handling of bodies:

  • Make submissions to the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS).
  • Assist in scheduling pick-up and transportation. Assist in managing respectful on-site flow, storage, and preparation of all bodies.
  • Help keep clean and stock the body preparation area.
  • Help ship small boxes of soil to chosen family and friends of the deceased.
  • Continually look for opportunities to refine service protocols with an eye toward future replication.

Champion Recompose’s mission:

  • In conjunction with the entire team, help create a new paradigm for sustainable, meaningful death care.


  • Licensed funeral director in Washington (or reciprocal state) for minimum of one year.
  • Comfort with handling human remains in various stages of decomposition.
  • Ability to speak with empathy and competence, whether in person, on a screen, or by telephone.
  • Willingness to address the connections between spirituality and ecology, and speak to the lasting gifts the dead are giving to the ecological cycles by choosing Recompose.
  • Empathy and interpersonal sensitivity with superior listening skills and emotional generosity.
  • Experience as a celebrant or emcee, or willingness to learn.
  • Willingness to supervise a funeral director intern for Recompose.
  • A strong respect for the unexplained, a willingness to “not know” and an inquisitive approach to the work.
  • Flexibility in terms of approaches and duties as the Recompose team is very small and helping each other accomplish a variety of tasks is a necessity.
  • Resilience, including the ability to manage own emotions, demonstrate self-control under pressure or adversity, and practice self-care.
  • Advanced computer/internet skills and ability to work with technology in a variety of capacities. Tasks may include: setting up camera, lighting, and computer equipment to livestream an online remote ceremony, scheduling pickup of a body via mobile device, managing our client CRM database, and updating an online project management tool. At least a moderate level of experience and comfort with technology, typing, and learning new digital tools is required.
  • Commitment to working toward and advocating for climate healing, soil health, and environmental justice.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be anti-racist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of people of color, religious minorities, and undocumented people.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be feminist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of women, transgender people, and gender nonconforming people.


Flexibility will be key especially in the first few years of operations. For the first few years, as we grow to capacity and hire staff, it’s likely that some exempt positions including this one will require some long weeks (~50 hours). Likewise, as we develop the overall schedule, a lot of flexibility will be required.

In the long run (1-3 years,) it is Recompose’s explicit goal to create an atmosphere where staff work 40-hour weeks and the live/work balance doesn’t only exist, but is celebrated.

In terms of physical requirements, this position needs to be able to lift 75 lbs., able to climb short ladders, and move back and forth between different areas of our facility several times daily.


Our goal as an employer is to have a feminist, antiracist culture, and to employ a diverse, inclusive workforce that is representative of all people we do or might serve. As such, we do not discriminate on any protected status, and moreover, we celebrate applications from persons of color, persons of all genders and gender expressions, persons of any sexual orientation, the formerly incarcerated, and persons in of any other protected class, such as religion, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, pregnancy status, or genetic status. Please feel free to let us know in your application if you fit into any such category/ies, or if you need a reasonable accommodation to apply.

Starting salary range: $55,000-65,000/year

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Land Acknowledgement

Recompose acknowledges we make our lives and livelihoods on the lands of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the Duwamish People past and present, the land itself, and the Duwamish Tribe.

Colonization is an active, persistent process. Indigenous communities continue to be resilient in protecting their ecological and cultural lifeways and deathways despite ongoing oppression. Recompose respects, shares, and supports this commitment to climate healing and environmental justice. Join Recompose in contributing to Real Rent Duwamish.