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Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) Intern

Recompose is seeking an NOR Intern to support operations at the Greenhouse.


Recompose is an ecological death care company offering the service of natural organic reduction (NOR), where human bodies are converted into soil. The Recompose model offers an authentic, participatory experience for families and a natural return to the earth for the dead. Our first location – “the Greenhouse” – opened in December 2020 in Kent, WA.

Recompose is seeking an NOR Intern to support operations at the Greenhouse. This is a part-time job, approximately 20 hours per week (max of 19 hours per week for full-time students). This person will have a comfort around machinery, an interest in creating cleanliness and order, and an appreciation for the natural cycles, sustainability, gardening, and/or permaculture. The position will focus on operations and general maintenance, helping us transform bodies into soil and create a safe, productive work environment.

Recompose is transforming the funeral industry and creating deep ecological change. We are looking to hire people who are passionate about creating a radical new death care paradigm and helping to heal the environment through this work.


Operate Recompose equipment:

  • Assist in facilitating the safe and successful conversion of bodies into soil on a daily basis.
  • Assist in operating the Recompose vessel system and ancillary equipment.
  • Follow all safety protocols and suggest new ones if appropriate.
  • Perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities and report in detail on any deviations from the norm.
  • Under supervision, make adjustments and/or minor repairs.

Assist with management of materials:

  • Assist the NOR Team in managing the measuring and mixing of feedstocks before and during NOR.
  • Work with the NOR Team to screen soil for non-organics and recycle non-organics.
  • Work with NOR Team to package finished soil.

Keep facility clean and well-organized:

  • Help maintain a clean and well-organized facility. When our expansion location opens, help maintain a facility appropriate for visiting families and public tours.
  • Follow all safety protocols – including our strict COVID-19 protocols, and suggest new ones if appropriate.
  • Clean and supply designated building areas.
  • Carry out heavy cleaning tasks and special projects for NOR Equipment, making sure that equipment is appropriately cleaned and sanitized.


  • Demonstrated comfort with a significant amount of physical labor.
  • Demonstrated emotional maturity required for the handling of human remains in various stages of decomposition.
  • Ability to self-start.
  • A strong respect for the unexplained, a willingness to “not know,” and an inquisitive approach to the work.
  • Flexibility in terms of duties as the Recompose team is very small and helping each other accomplish a variety of tasks is a necessity.
  • Resilience, including the ability to manage own emotions, demonstrate self-control under pressure or adversity, and practice self-care.
  • Commitment to working toward and advocating for climate healing, soil health, and environmental justice.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be anti-racist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of people of color, religious minorities, and undocumented people.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be feminist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of women, transgender people, and gender nonconforming people.

$16/hr to start. To apply, please complete this online application. Thank you!


Land Acknowledgement

Recompose acknowledges we make our lives and livelihoods on the lands of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the Duwamish People past and present, the land itself, and the Duwamish Tribe.

Colonization is an active, persistent process. Indigenous communities continue to be resilient in protecting their ecological and cultural lifeways and deathways despite ongoing oppression. Recompose respects, shares, and supports this commitment to climate healing and environmental justice. Join Recompose in contributing to Real Rent Duwamish.