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HR Generalist

Recompose is seeking a full-time HR Generalist to support our expansion in Seattle and in other cities and states.


Recompose is an ecological death care company offering the service of natural organic reduction (NOR), where human bodies are converted into soil. The Recompose model offers an authentic, participatory experience for families and a natural return to the earth for the dead. Our first location – “the Greenhouse” – opened in December 2020 in Kent, WA.

Recompose is seeking a full-time HR Generalist to support our expansion to Seattle and to other cities and states. The Generalist will have a good understanding of all elements of the HR process/purview, including employee engagement, talent planning, onboarding and continuing education, and overall culture development. Working with the COO, the Generalist will help implement the mission of Recompose by helping us plan nationwide hiring, with an emphasis on developing and maintaining a healthy, diverse, and engaged workforce throughout the US and beyond. This position will need to bring a very high level of organization to our expanding HR process to support our expanding company. This position has the potential to grow into a managerial or directorial role.

Recompose is transforming the funeral industry and creating deep ecological change. We are looking to hire people who are passionate about creating a radical new death care paradigm and helping to heal the environment through this work.



  • Considers all HR activities in a DEI lens, i.e.., how can we:
    • Recruit diverse employees in a variety of arenas and jurisdictions.
    • Provide for the needs of diverse employees in our benefits programs (e.g., all medical programs should provide mental health services at the same level as physical health services; all medical programs should provide services to transgender employees and their families; all medical programs should provide options for birth control).
    • Welcome diverse employees and create a deep culture of inclusion that we will spread to our branches in other state.
    • Retain diverse employees, including consideration of mentorships and “rising star” programs as we expand.
  • Assists in setting DEI goals and tracking metrics, including helping us be accountable if we fall short on our goals.

Employee Planning and Recruiting:

  • Helps draft job descriptions for new positions.
  • Optimizes exposure to diverse candidates through messaging and choice of listing services.
  • Screens resumes and may be the first phone screener on many postings.
  • Maintains employee files with appropriate documentation.
  • Considers “total rewards” programs and helps position Recompose as an employer of choice.

Onboarding, Orientation, and Continuing Education:

  • Makes certain each employee has the “kit” of what they need when they start with Recompose.
  • Assists in designing an onboarding/training process to help new employees get their feet at Recompose.
  • Assists in writing employee materials that inform new and longstanding employees about their benefits and our policies.
  • Maintains a database of ongoing training and applications needed for our employees to maintain their licenses and certifications.
  • Strategizes for how to further develop our employees to their fullest potential at Recompose, including how to establish an ongoing training program.

Systems, Reporting, and Technology:

  • Assists in selecting, designing, and/or maintaining HR-related technology, such as HRIS, payroll software, ATS, performance review software, LMS, etc.
  • Calendars and performs necessary HR compliance reporting, such as 401k reporting.

Employee Relations:

  • Helps set up regular anonymous employee feedback systems, including surveys, to recognize any corporate issues early.
  • Spearheads the redrafting of our employee handbook, taking into account our goals as an organization and our care around our communication.
  • Answers questions and assists employees in accessing benefits, understanding policies, et cetera.
  • Considers and implements programs for consistent employee recognition.
  • Helps us establish conflict management programs for inevitable disagreements that occur between team members.
  • Help write relevant policies as we grow (new COVID policies, travel policies, etc).

Staff Events:

  • Organizes and manages staff events, such as morale or training events. May be able to help with additional events for Recompose.


  • Develops and maintains a corporate HR calendar to keep us on track for hiring and compliance needs.


  • Very strong organizational skills, an ability to remain on track with a variety of large and small projects demanding attention.
  • 4+ years in progressive HR roles, some of which should be in one or more challenging environments (for example, startup experience, experience with a multistate workforce, and/or experience with a wholly remote workforce).
  • Strong HR knowledge and experience in a variety of HR tasks, including some experience drafting policies or other employee-read HR materials.
  • Strong computer skills with typical office tools, such as email, MS Word and Excel, willingness and capability to learn more specialized tools related to HR as we build out our programs.
  • Ability to anticipate, identify, and resolve problems in a timely and positive way, including knowing when to call in executive support on an issue.
  • A strong respect for the unexplained, a willingness to “not know,” and an inquisitive approach to the work.
  • Flexibility in terms of duties as the Recompose team is very small and helping each other accomplish a variety of tasks is a necessity.
  • Resilience, including the ability to manage own emotions, demonstrate self-control under pressure or adversity, and practice self-care.
  • Commitment to working toward and advocating for climate healing, soil health, and environmental justice.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be anti-racist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of people of color, religious minorities, and undocumented people.
  • Commitment to working at a progressive company that explicitly works to be feminist. Recompose is committed to advocating and ​protecting the rights of women, transgender people, and gender nonconforming people.


This position is based in Seattle but we’re open to remote for just the right candidate. When Recompose opens other locations, some amount of travel (<10%) may be intermittently required to assist other locations on setup or on issues as they arise.


Other than our funeral directors, only one person on our current team has come from a professional background in death care, and yet our team is the best we could have for our amazing and complex operation. Personal experience, or even just a thoughtful approach to death or dying, can help inform our hiring and HR needs, but please don’t hesitate to apply because you haven’t worked in this industry previously. We are looking for people who are passionate and skilled in HR, and who are ready to help us transform an industry and build one of the best companies in the world.


Our goal as an employer is to have a feminist, antiracist culture, and to employ a diverse, inclusive workforce that is representative of all people we do or might serve.

As such, we do not discriminate on any protected status, and moreover, we celebrate applications from persons of color, persons of all genders and gender expressions, persons of any sexual orientation, the formerly incarcerated, and persons in of any other protected class, such as religion, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, pregnancy status, or genetic status. Please feel free to let us know in your application if you fit into any such category/ies, or if you need a reasonable accommodation to apply.

Salary range: $60,000-$75,000

To apply, click here to submit your resume and cover letter.

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Land Acknowledgement

Recompose acknowledges we make our lives and livelihoods on the lands of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the Duwamish People past and present, the land itself, and the Duwamish Tribe.

Colonization is an active, persistent process. Indigenous communities continue to be resilient in protecting their ecological and cultural lifeways and deathways despite ongoing oppression. Recompose respects, shares, and supports this commitment to climate healing and environmental justice. Join Recompose in contributing to Real Rent Duwamish.